Friday, October 11, 2019

October 2019

K-8 Elective Sign-Up

Electives give the student another opportunity to expand upon his or her core academic studies.  It is our desire to ensure that your student had enough time to become comfortable with the core curriculum before adding elective coursework.  This is why electives are not offered sooner. 

K-8 students do have the opportunity to sign up for a foreign language elective. Please note that WCA has a Spanish teacher, Mrs. Plantiko, on staff.  Students who take a different language will be working with a National Connections Academy teacher. All foreign languages do require additional live virtual class time.

Your student is required to meet the following eligibility requirement before s/he can participate in an elective:
  • Enrolled 30+ days
  • Satisfactory attendance/participation
  • Overall Score 70% or better
  • i-Ready Math and Reading Diagonistics completed
If the student meets the above criteria, the first step for signing a student up for an elective is to review the Course Placement Tool (click on your student’s name on the Learning Coach homepage to find this tool).  By clicking on the name of the elective, you will be given a brief description of the course.  A student can only take two electives per semester and one language course per year. Once you have decided on the elective(s), contact your homeroom teacher.   Please note that students will be given a grade in these courses. Students have three weeks to drop an elective without penalty.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

September 2019

Message Board: School Events/Community Events

School Events
Every month WCA hosts field trips around the state.  These field trips will give you and your family a chance to meet other WCA families in your area while at the same time learning and having fun.  In October, we will be going to the following locations:

              Ripon: Larson's Famous Clydesdale 
              Elk Mound: Valley Pasture Farm             
              Danbury: Dagwaagen-Fort Folle Avione
              Kaukauna: Fall School Days-Grignon Mansion
              Neenah: Spooky Pendant Art Project
              Appleton: Card Making-WCA
              Milwaukee: Milwaukee Zoo

More information about these trips can be found on the message boards.  To get to the message boards, click on the  pushpin icon on the top right of your Connexus page. Once in the message boards, click on Schoolhouse-WCA and then School Events.  (You can also click here for direct access.) Here you will see the listing of all the field trips that WCA offers.  One click on the name of the field trip will show you a description of the trip.  To register, send an email to Lisa Graf-Miller by clicking on her name at the top of the posting.  

Community Events
Is there something going on in your community that you want to share with other WCA families? Did you know there is a place on the message board for you to do just that? By clicking on the Community Events topic on the message board you can create threads of local happenings, as well as see events that other WCA families have posted.  Current thread under Community Event:
              Oshkosh: Franki Moscato Headlining

All events posted under Community Events are not school sponsored events.  It is a place where parents can post social get togethers and local community happenings.  WCA staff do not organize nor attend these events on behalf of the school.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

August 2019


Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  WCA is inviting you to a Welcome Back Celebration on Friday, September 6, 2019. This will be an opportunity to meet and interact with most of WCA’s teachers, have your school pictures taken, and more (Schedule of Events).  The teachers and others will be hosting breakout sessions to give you an opportunity to learn more about the school and interact with the teachers.


All enrolled students and their families


September 6
 am—9:15 am ~ Sign in
9:30 am—12:15 pm ~ Breakout Sessions

12: 30 pm ~National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


Bridgewood Hotel
1000 Cameron Way
Neenah, WI 54956

Below are all the different picture packages available. You can also go to and enter picture ID: EVTFHS8TM to see the packages online and place your order before picture day. Even if you are not purchasing pictures your child should still get their picture taken for school ID cards.

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